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As an Ontario home, business or car owner, you have almost certainly found yourself locked out of your own property at one point or another. This is a common frustration that can be difficult to resolve if you don’t have access to professional services. Fortunately, you can enjoy great locksmith service from us. We offer complete solutions for Barrie, ON locksmith emergencies of all kinds.

The Georgian Theatre, the MacLaren Art Centre, the Victoria Village and many more attractions make Barrie one of the most interesting cities in Ontario. Whether you are the owner of a big corporation or want home services, rest assured that our Locksmith in Barrie can provide assistance. 

Home, commercial and car services available

As your local locksmith, we are equipped to resolve your needs whenever you find yourself facing a lost key, broken lock or any other issue involving access to your property. Our team consists of qualified, certified and well-trained specialists in the residential, commercial and automobile fields.

We have invested in a wide range of tools and purpose-built equipment for residential locksmith services. Since we moved into the area, we have continually improved our approach and upgraded our inventory of lock picking tools. This gives us the ability to defeat nearly any lock on the market.

When it comes to commercial locksmith services, we are an industry leader. Not only do we successfully pick locks for commercial property owners, but we also install high quality replacement locks and ensure top-quality security for our clients afterwards.

As your auto locksmith, we can provide you with fast, professional service at any time of day or night. There is no way to match the peace of mind we offer our clients when they know a responsible professional is only a phone call away. If you lock yourself out of your car accidentally, call us.

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automotive locksmith

automotive locksmith

residential locksmith

residential locksmith

Enjoy superior value when changing locks with us

In addition to 24 hour locksmith services, we are also qualified to install and replace locks for our customers. Want to improve property security? Planning to change the existing locks? Locksmith Barrie is at your service. Our qualified professionals are here to take care of both casual and emergency needs. If your home or business in Barrie has been broken into, have us upgrade the security of the property immediately. Call us, the best locksmith in Barrie, ON for the best value when doing so.