Rekey Locks

Do you know how important it is to rekey locks when the key is stolen? It will actually determine the level of your security at home or in the office. And for this reason alone our company is available to urgently rekey locks in Barrie, Ontario, 24/7. There is no point replacing the key when the original one is stolen. People without authority can use the key to unlock the door of your home, apartment, or office.Rekey Locks Barrie

Stolen or lost key? Call us for key change

In such cases, what you need is key change. By having a totally different key, you will feel confident as far as your security is concerned. And that’s because the original key is rendered useless once the lock is rekeyed. So changing the key and rekeying the lock go hand in hand. The new key is cut to match the new pins of the lock mechanism. What we do is replacing these tiny pins to keep the original key from opening the door.

When to contact us to rekey locks

At Locksmith Barrie, we provide lock rekeying as fast as possible. Apart from the case of a stolen key, you will also need to rekey locks in Barrie when you move to a new place. There is no need to change the locks of the new property if they are in good condition. By rekeying them, it’s like having a new lock. It’s just a lot cheaper to rekey instead of changing locks.

You should call us to rekey locks in Barrie anytime you are under the impression that the key of a particular door is found in the hands of unauthorized people. Whether they are realtors, ex-tenants, ex-workers in your business, or ex-spouses, the last thing anyone wants is to see someone walking in their property uninvited.

As lock specialists, we can rekey any door lock of your master key system or simple deadbolts. We utilize the best tools available on the market in order to do the job efficiently but also carefully. Our pros cut the right key replacement in no time and test it in the rekeyed lock. You can count on our accuracy and fast response should you need rekeying urgently. Call our team anytime.